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Tools & Accessories > Products > Corioliss K2 Vapour Infusion Iron

Corioliss K2 Vapour Infusion Iron

It's no secret: the tools you use on a daily basis are expensive. That means when it's time to buy a new tool, you do a lot of research to get the best iron for your hard-earned buck. For those of you who want to spend your money wisely, take a look at the Corioliss K2 Vapour Iron. A hot tool with more gadgets than the Batmobile, it provides high style with low damage, and like Batman, it'll stick with you when you need it most.

The Benefits:

  • Black diamond ceramic plates lock in moisture to improve hair condition. This means the iron causes less damage to your client's hair and helps maintain healthy locks.
  • Far infared technology heats hair from the inside-out while protecting the cuticle, adding another line of defense and keeps hair looking healthy and moisturized.
  • Comes with a steam-infused argan shine treatment gentle enough for daily use. Use it and the hair looks healthier and more radiant!

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