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Hair Articles
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A New TV Show For Hairdressers!
Introducing the first online TV show for hairdressers! TIGI Inspirational Youth: The Making of a Platform Artist. Get all the details HERE!
The Natural Difference
A passion for the plant world. Environmental responsibility. Respect for the hair and scalp’s ecosystem. Genuine care for the hands of the stylist. Since its commencement in 1965, PHYTO has created high-performance hair care formulas that combine botanical expertise with advanced science.
You've Got Male: 4 Hot NYFW Men's Looks
As fashion week heats up, so do the men! Here are three hot looks straight from the runways of David Hart, Perry Ellis and Orley.
Zero Gravity
During the 2014 Sebastian "What's Next" Awards, which celebrates the new and established artists who dare to push their creativity to the limits, and provides a platform for these artists to demonstrate their skills and imagination, winners Heather Rae Cheszek and Katey Bug Browne stole the show with their avant garde looks. Here's how to create these one-of-a-kind styles.
Naomi Watts' Parisian-Chic Pony
Naomi Watts looked flawless walking the red carpet at Toronto International Film Festival thanks to Macadamia’s International Creative Director Giannandrea. For her big night, Giannandrea chose to style her hair in a low pony with high-volume that he calls “Parisian Chic! “Naomi’s hair was created with a touch of Euro-City style in mind,” says Giannandrea. Here's how he created the unique look.
TONI&GUY Unveils the New Classics at the 2014 Photographic Awards
The treats were sweet for attendees of the 2014 TONI&GUY Photographic Awards in Dallas last week. The audience was the first to witness the latest, greatest, revitalized TONI&GUY New Classics Collection, unveiled by the collection’s mastermind, TONI&GUY Creative Director of the Americas, Zak Mascolo.
It's Time To Rethink Clean!
Your clients may not know it, but shampooing and conditioning their hair on a daily basis might actually be harming their hair. Overuse of traditional shampoos can strip the hair of moisture, color and natural oils that prevent hair from looking healthy and can even cause color to fade. It's time to rethink clean!
5 Fashion Week Must-Sees!
This year, the BTC New York Fashion Week force was blown away by all the creative styles from the incredibly talented Fashion Week artists. As the week comes to a close, we just had to share some of our late favorites!
COLOR, Cut & Style 2014: Day 1
Is it possible to have too much amazing haircolor education? A sold-out house of 2,300 colorists is coming close (but not quite), at the 2014 BTC COLOR, Cut & Style Show in New Orleans. Day One was packed with ideas, techniques, inspiration and a lot of haircolor love. Read more!
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